Sunday, February 19, 2012

Kentish Killer 70 mile RR

This is a local sportive starting and finishing at Brands Hatch in Kent.

 The sportive gets its name from being an extremely tough 70 mile route through the hill's of Kent and Sussex.
I had agreed to keep my friend company on part of the route as i had a 4 hour endurance ride to complete myself.
Late last night i got a phone call saying he wouldn't be starting the ride and offered me his ticket,i agreed and made my way up to the start line for my 09-05 start.

I had strict instruction's from my coach to keep to my set power value's and did so the whole ride.
I had guessed in my head that 70 miles would take me roughly 4-15.

The route was a lot harder than i would have guessed but sticking to my power paid off and i learnt alot about  my own ability to ride under controlled power.

My ride time was 4-10 which got me 5th place overall a great season starter.