Sunday, November 13, 2011

Training camp @ CLS in Lanzarote

This is just a quick post to say thanks to my coach Ben Ward and his partner from Team Solo.

Id like to say thanks for organising and paying for me to go to CLS early next season, This is a wonderful chance for me to get some excellent coaching  from some of the worlds best long distance triathletes.

Thanks Ben and Dan @ Team Solo.

Mallorca training camp

Just a quick thanks to Sam Law sports Therapist for inviting me out to Mallorca for a long weekend's training camp.

After a wet start to the trip and a few days in the gym and pool,we finally managed to get some good long rides in.

Thanks to Bruce Griffiths @ Pro cycle hire Mallorca for supplying us with great bikes and supplying free nutrition.

Be sure to check out Mallorca's  first Tri specific shop.

Or for all you bike hire and spares go to