Saturday, April 28, 2012

Today's training. Run out of bed 3 hour bike with 8 hill reps and 40 minute run off bike.

I went to bed last night dreading what today had in store for me and rightly so as the weather has been less than kind these past few weeks.

Saturday 8am, the alarm sounds and it's my que to run out of bed for half hour or so.

Upon returning I find my wonderful girlfriend has prepared my breakfast for the days training, she knew I had a big day so breakfast certainly didn't disappoint... Thanks darling :-).

The 3 hour ride was to include a hill rep session of 8 loops that my coached based each loop should
Take approx. 8 minutes.

There was to be no rest between each loop as there was an up, down and 2 flat sections per loop so plenty of recovery time and a good simulation of WimbleBall terrain.

I decided to do 4 reps seated and the remaining 4 with some out the saddle climbing to see which method works for me, from my results a smooth pedal stroke and staying seated was consistently faster than standing and climbing out the saddle.

Another valuable lesson learnt!!!

I also had to monitor heart rate and see a positive increase and the top of each climb which was something that worked until the 7th rep and my heart wouldn't go above 183 bmp.

The return leg was approx 1 hour and gave me plenty of cool down and preparation for the run off.

Upon returning the rain had failed to give in and the wind had begun to pick up this left me feeling pretty miserable and no enthusiasm for the run.

After getting changed into my run kit I decided the quicker I got the session over and done with the sooner I could get a massage and begin the taper and recovery for next weekend.

So here we go 20 minutes out with a great tailwind, and get home in 18 with a savage head wind, it begun very well and I kept a sensible pace, I knew I could hold on the return back. Looked at the Garmin when I crossed the starting point and read 17.22 so was happy with that.

Training over for the day, time to refuel with lunch and Synergy ISO7 and then head to Pro Health for recovery massage.

Coach is encouraging a lake training session in the morning...looking out the window I might have a personal lake by dawn!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Larkfield cycles Kent premier cycle centre

I thought it was about time i mentioned my local bike shop on my Blog,as the guy's  in the shop have helped me out no end from sourcing Di2 wiring right down to basic service items and consumables.

For all your cycling needs be it everyday commuting,right up to exotic super bikes,Larkfield cycles has something for everyone.

Stockist's :
Lightweight Wheels.
Easton components.
Bontrager Carbon.
Shimano wheel centre.
Fizik saddles with full test range.
Assos clothing range.


Gary Fisher.
We The People.

10x100 @ 1-44 with 35 seconds recovery. by triathletejon at Garmin Connect - Details

10x100 @ 1-44 with 35 seconds recovery. by triathletejon at Garmin Connect - Details

Steady run with cruise intervals by triathletejon at Garmin Connect - Details

Steady run with cruise intervals by triathletejon at Garmin Connect - Details

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday Endurance Ride

Another good group training ride out with the boys this morning. Feeling stronger by the day so hopefully illness is behind me and I can look forward to two strong weeks leading up to Marshman.

Sunday Endurance Ride by triathletejon at Garmin Connect - Details

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Brick session - Run off the bike

Nice steady run off the bike, legs still feeling strong after the three hour ride. Just need to get back in the pool and get all three disciplines back up to race pace. 

Off now for stretch and fuel for tomorrow's group ride with the coach.

Brick session by triathletejon at Garmin Connect - Details

Brick session with 4T+ Velo.

After four weeks of illness I am starting to feel I can really get back into training. So today I joined the 4T + Velo team on a training ride around the Weald of Kent. Setting off from home, I went and met up with the group of strong roadies for the three hour ride. It made a nice change to have some company on my brick session.

Felt strong on the bike which has helped build confidence in my fitness after a spell of illness. Roll on the next few weeks training leading up to the Marshman, my debut 70.3!

Brick session 4T Velo by triathletejon at Garmin Connect - Details

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Thanks Tim at Compressport

I would like to say a massive thank you to Compressport UK for my race and recovery products for this season. Have already put them to good use in my training and looking forward to using them at my first race of 2012, Marshman 70.3

Tour of the Weald 2012 by triathletejon at Garmin Connect - Details

Good training ride at the Tour of the Weald this morning. Not quite the conditions I have been enjoying out at Club La Santa recently though! This morning's weather conditions were damp and cold but this did not stop a good turn out of over 200 for the 100k loop with 6 major climbs. Thanks to Velocity Events for another well organised event, for more info on their upcoming events in 2012 visit

Tour of the Weald 2012 by triathletejon at Garmin Connect - Details