Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sevenoaks sprint Tri

So it's 5am all the preparation is done I'm awake far too early which is usual on race morning .

I'm at home getting my pre breakfast meal ready to keep the hunger pains at bay.
It's frosty outside so I'm
Pleased its a pool swim and my start time is almost 10am fingers crossed the sun has made an appearance by then.
I'm planning to arrive 2 hours prior to my start time so I can wish my fellow team members good luck.
A big thanks to Linwoods and Reflex for helping pre charge my Body this morning.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Getting ready for the first race of the year Sevonoaks sprint.

This will be my first race this season it's a sprint distance 400mtr swim 27km bike with a challenging 8km xc run.

It's not really the distance and intensities iv been training towards but its a highly popular local race which I thought needed to be crossed of the To do list.

Since returning from Spain iv been getting lots of quality run and bike miles under
My belt in prep for the world ITU long course in June.
This has made preparation for this weekends race somewhat difficult.
Having only learnt to swim 2.5 years ago its no secret I'm not the fastest in the pool but with good coaching from Ben Ward we have seen my 400 times reduce from 10 minutes down to the current 5-59.
Now this has not come easy its meant me being in the pool 4-5 times a week
covering upwards of 15km's per week.
I'm hoping my run and bike endurance will serve me well on Sunday.
I'd like to thank all my sponsors that have made this year possible.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Training camp day 2

The day started with a run to the coast and back of about 30 minutes,this included a nice set of steps that rose high above the sea and up into the hills.

It was back home for a quick shower then breakfast .

The group ride was 2-40 today led by myself Ben and Ain,we covered approximately 75km with lots of climbing.

My ride was finished with a 6km run of the bike at 4-06 m/Km.

Thanks to Reflex nutrition Solo supplements and A1 multi sport for making day to day training that little bit easier.

Bath food bed,good night.

Tri smile training camp

Welcome to my training camp blog in Lloret de mar Spain.

This camp was booked last minute after 4 weeks of training in poor conditions at home I decided I needed some miles in the bank.

After a few Skype conversations,many emails and a few begging phone calls I'd rung Mallorca,Estonia,Lanzarote,and Portugal with not much luck,I then sent a SMS to Ain Alar and he was just leaving Club la Santa heading for Lloret,if I could help lead the bike groups there was a place on camp for me.

I did no more than book my flight,pack my bike,and head for Gatwick.

Day 1
We awoke to heavy rain so after meeting for breakfast me and Ben Price decided a pool session was in order to see if the rain would clear.
We swum for around 1 hour and covering 2900 mtrs.

We then decided to head out on the bikes to see if we could find some sun.....this unfortunately didn't happen and we rode for 70km we found some good hills or are they called mountains over here!!!!!!.

The whole ride it rained and the roads were throwing up some serious spray.
So that was day 1 complete 2 very wet riders and 2 serious filthy bikes.