Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Getting ready for the first race of the year Sevonoaks sprint.

This will be my first race this season it's a sprint distance 400mtr swim 27km bike with a challenging 8km xc run.

It's not really the distance and intensities iv been training towards but its a highly popular local race which I thought needed to be crossed of the To do list.

Since returning from Spain iv been getting lots of quality run and bike miles under
My belt in prep for the world ITU long course in June.
This has made preparation for this weekends race somewhat difficult.
Having only learnt to swim 2.5 years ago its no secret I'm not the fastest in the pool but with good coaching from Ben Ward we have seen my 400 times reduce from 10 minutes down to the current 5-59.
Now this has not come easy its meant me being in the pool 4-5 times a week
covering upwards of 15km's per week.
I'm hoping my run and bike endurance will serve me well on Sunday.
I'd like to thank all my sponsors that have made this year possible.

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